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Health comes in many forms, not just physical! K2 Analytics worked with a Mental Health Therapist to develop a digital marketing strategy that serves the client and its patients. We were honored to work with this client because we truly felt their need to represent mental illness in their community. The client has now become a successful leader in community mental health services.

Business Type: Mental Health Therapy


The biggest challenge for K2 Analytics was to give the client the best start ever within a very competitive market and industry. Aside from this, our team needed to ensure we were able to transfer the client’s message to the website.

Mental health therapy services are very broad, so K2 Analytics needed to represent the therapist’s services accurately.

Not to mention, our team also needed to do extensive research on each mental health condition and provide reliable resources from credible sources for those needing assistance.

The team at K2 Analytics definitely had their work cut out for them, but as always, we never back down from a challenge! We love to work with all types of clients and industries for effective digital marketing strategies.


Our solution was simple and straightforward from the very beginning. K2 Analytics created a brand new website that incorporated SEO strategies and content marketing to help the client get indexed within search engines. Additionally, our content team worked closely with the client to deliver the client’s message throughout every landing page.

Aside from that, our team selected keywords that represented the client and curated landing pages for each service. This was done to fulfill the need for engaging content but also to increase SEO ranking factors.

Lastly, our team created an engaging content calendar for the client’s social media presence. We used social media as an extra avenue for the client to reach those struggling with mental health in the community and provide them with free resources.


After we carefully executed our proposed digital marketing plan, the client started to rank organically for the targeted keywords. Web traffic for the client improved by 80%. Once the client’s website was crawled and indexed by search engines, the domain authority started to increase, which improved SEO ranking.

Additionally, the client had a successful launch within the community! There was a need for mental health services within the client’s city, so there was a steady growth of new patients seeking services. Not only does this create a healthier community, but also a peaceful environment for the patient!

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