SEO & Web Design For Smoke Shops

K2 Analytics doesn’t turn down challenges, and this campaign was a challenge due to the legalities regarding the wording and laws revolving around the client’s industry. Our team worked with this Smoke Shop to get the design, development, and structure right from start to finish. K2 Analytics incorporated a number of digital marketing strategies to elevate the client’s digital presence.

Business Type: Smoke Shop


The biggest challenge for this campaign was to fuse together the client’s style, audience, and industry into one website that’s both user-friendly and well-structured. This client works in the Smoke Shop industry, so everything needed to make sense to better serve the client and its clients.

Not to mention, we had to be selective about the wording and accessibility to the website because of the smoke shop laws regulating the entire industry. Additionally, the client works in a very competitive industry and market, so our team needed the client to stand out from the competition from the very beginning!


K2 Analytics incorporated web design, SEO strategies, and content marketing into the overall website. Our team also incorporated neon and smoke-related styles into the web design to artistically separate the client from the competition.

The team worked with our SEO strategists to carefully select keywords that represent the client. K2 Analytics took this step even further by creating dedicated landing pages for each keyphrase to talk about the specific services individually.

To finish things off, our content team created brand pages for products the client carries within their smoke shop. Our team made an effort to work closely with the client to represent them accurately and the inventory they carry.


All of the team’s hard work paid off!

The client’s website was indexed within search engines and ranked higher than the competition. Web traffic to the website has increased 70% since the launch of the new website. Conversion rates from lead to purchasing customer increased over a 3-month period. More and more customers started to shop within their smoke shop, and the client’s credibility and authority raised significantly among the competition and online!

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