The Importance of having a Mobile Friendly Website for your Business

K2 Analytics - Mobile Friendly Website for your Business

“Not having a Mobile Friendly website is like closing your store one day each week.”

People are constantly searching for faster and more convenient ways to search the web. If you take a moment to consider your frustration when you are shopping online, and the site you are on is not mobile friendly and taking too long to load, this will all make sense.

These days, the stats are showing a massive increase in mobile users shopping online, and the figures are continuing to rise, meaning if you are serious about boosting your business’s presence online, networking techniques, and expanding on your online marketing techniques, then you must have a professional mobile-friendly website.

There are many website builders out there that promote the ability to create a website at the click of a button – but if you have already made up your mind that you are about to take the step to boost your business online, then this quick-fix is not the solution. Working with a Digital Marketing Agency is now more convenient than ever and allows you to be confident in the knowledge that your website is fully optimized, mobile friendly, encourages user engagement and is constantly up to date.

So if you are still wondering why you should invest in a professionally built, mobile-friendly website – here are four reasons:

Popularity of Smartphones

Smartphones have become increasingly popular and affordable over the past few years, and the rise of users has resulted in more online browsing. Approximately 80% of Internet users are said to own a smartphone, while a lot of businesses are said to have seen a dramatic increase in sales following their investment in a mobile-optimized site. Therefore if your site is not optimized to facilitate this traffic, users will not wait around.


Having a mobile-friendly site does, in fact, help your SEO, Search Engine Optimization, as it improves rankings on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


GPS technology is commonly used by smartphone users to determine nearby services as well as directions. If you do not have a mobile optimized site to direct this traffic to, potential customers are passing right by you, as over half of consumers who searched a local business online are said to visit the location within 24 hours.

User Accessibility

Having an optimized web design means that your company is accessible to all smartphone users on-the-go! So whether your customers are in transit or simply walking down the sidewalk – with a mobile-friendly site, they can access your company’s information, essentially bringing more customers in the door.

If this has got you thinking about boosting your online marketing and investing in a fully optimized, mobile-friendly website for your business, contact us!