How to Use Blogging as a Tool to Grow Your Audience

How to Use Blogging as a Tool to Grow Your Audience

When you run a business, you always need to find new ways to drum up new business. Without new business your sales plateau and pretty soon you’ll find yourself running low on funds. It’s a problem that many businesses face, but luckily there are countless solutions. One way that your business can drum up new support and a wider fan base is through content marketing— using content (blogs, social media posts, and emails) to expand your audience and attract new customers. Let’s focus on blogging as a tool to grow your audience today.
So let’s assume that you already have a nice website where you advertise your services or sell your products. For this blog let’s assume that you’ve already familiarized yourself the blog posting feature on your website as well. Maybe you’ve posted a handful of blogs or you have hundreds of posts and just need to find the way to grow your audience. Try these tips:

1. Guest Blogs and Crossover Content

If you have a blog that is up and running, then you’re already ahead of most small businesses. But is your readership growing? If not then you should try to guest post on other blogs to try and find new readers. Here’s how it works.
Network with other bloggers in your niche and find out who is willing to do crossovers and guests posts with you. This is where you feature each other on your respective blogs. This introduces you to their audience and vice versa.
You can exchange guests posts, links, or do full on collaborations. Either way, the point is to find new readers who would be interested in exploring the content that you each produce.

2. Publish Content That Your Audience Wants To Read

Struggling to grow your audience? You have to ask yourself if you are producing content that readers want to consume. You could be putting out 40 blogs a month but if nothing you write is appealing to your target audience then they won’t give you the time of day. Try looking at what kind of popular topics are being discussed in your circles and write about those topics. Approach it with your own hot takes and include innovative solutions to issues that have yet to be solved. This will make your content stand out among others.

3. Share Your Blogs on Twitter Through WordPress

When you create content, no matter the platform, you want to be sure that you cross-promote that content on every social media platform that you can. The same is true for blogs.
One way that we recommend promoting blogs is through Twitter. Twitter is essentially micro blogging so it works perfectly and with WordPress’ new Twitter-thread feature, you will be able to tweet entire blog posts with the click of a button. The new WordPress feature tweets your blog out as a thread and even does the leg work of splitting up content after natural pauses in order to prevent incohesive tweets. It’s worth checking out.