How to Grow Your Business with Content Marketing

How to grow your businesses with content marketing

“Stunning Graphic Design will create a Wow Factor; Good Content will Generate More Hits.”

If you are unsure about how and where to invest your time, money, and energy towards your Digital Marketing efforts, Content Marketing is a solid strategy for connecting and building with prospects. It is what differentiates you from the competition, lets your customers and prospects know who you are – through tone, voice, and point of view.

Before you declare that “voice” it is important to provide answers to the questions, your customers will ask. In other words, you must create and distribute content that clearly defines an audience with the sole intent on driving a customer to act.

The essential element here is “valuable.” Content marketing must tap into the first two stages of the buying process by increasing awareness and educating consumers about products they may have never considered before and it must build trust and positive sentiment. With a truly successful campaign, you will get established as an expert in your field, and that will set the groundwork for a long-term business relationship.

With more than 60% of companies already using some form of content marketing in their marketing strategy, they are learning exactly how these tools can be aligned with their goals of activities.

So what are the keys to successful content marketing? Creating custom content, targeting a niche community, and a focus on social media.

Custom content

Customers are less interested in promotional content and drawn more to a company that develops itself as a source of valuable content. Useful content will target your audience’s interests, stand on its own, and reach the audience most likely to convert.  Using data about the interests of your audience will guide your strategy.  Create content that combines interests in useful and meaningful ways.


For brands to stand out, they must target a niche community by incorporating long tail keywords, linking up with industry blogs, and focusing on social media to connect with a target market.  Market segmentation is aimed to attract the right customers and effectively speak to those individuals that will drive more leads and more sales.

Example: The Audience of Acme Fitness has delineated its audience into segments:


Age (Under 30, 30-45, 46-60, over 60)

Psychographics (interests and preferences specific to the market or offering)

Primary goal (weight loss, muscle gain, physical rehabilitation, etc.)

Interests (classes, fitness and cardio regimen, personal training, etc.)

Based on the data collected we have identified a few target segments:

Men between ages 30-45 with the goal of increasing their strength.

Women ages 46-60 with the goal of weight loss.

Men over 60 interested in personal training.


Create blogs that cover topics like:

  • Health Tips for men to gain muscle
  • Keeping Fit over 50
  • General weight-loss principles.

Social Media

As the catalyst for success, the continuous growth and evolution of Social Media is responsible for fueling ideas, empowering people and organizations, and has had an impact on both our culture and on various industries throughout the world.  It remains a powerful vehicle in the world of sports, entertainment, politics, and its impact will continue to evolve for years to come.

Capturing the attention and loyalty of your followers should be a part of your regular content strategy and entails everything from including Captivating images, teasing headlines like “and you won’t believe how this ended,” to engage with other pages in your niche.