Bing PPC vs Google: Which PPC Platform Is Best for You

Bing PPC vs Google- Which PPC Platform Is Best for You

Which Pay Per Click (PPC) platform is your business using to help promote your business online? While many businesses use Google Ads for most of their PPC advertising, there is a whole world of paid advertising beyond the reaches of the world’s largest search engine. One of the most slept on search engines is of course Bing. While Bing is less popular than Google in terms of the size of their user base, knowing which PPC platform to use and when is a digital marketer’s best friend.

Bing has a number of different strengths and weaknesses that if you understand, you can fully use to grow your business at a fraction of the cost that you could with other PPC platforms.

Bing Pay Per Click Ads

Although Bing is not as common as Google, the two platforms have a lot in common in terms of how they work. Bing Pay Per Click Ads function in a similar way to Google Ads.

How it works:

  • Choose keywords based on volume
  • Create optimized ads
  • Bid on keywords
  • Bing displays your ad on their network of search engines whenever users look up relevant search results.

Beyond having this similar functionality to Google, there are a few reasons that you may want to choose Bing over Google for your PPC ads.

Unique Filters

In addition to letting you create your ads based on keywords, Bing features plenty of unique filters that can help you zero in on your ideal audience based on age, location, and so on. This is perfect for making sure that your ads are shown to the right people and not wasted on irrelevant searches.

Less Competitive Keywords

Bing’s untapped potential as a search engine for Pay Per Click advertising also means that you will generally spend less money on the Cost Per Click (CPC) bids for keywords. That’s because there is less competition on Bing for certain keywords compared to Google. Bing isn’t indie by any means but it definitely has the lower barrier of entry for small businesses that are working with a smaller budget.

Bing Reaches Microsoft’s Network

Google may be the largest search engine on the block, but you shouldn’t discount Bing. Bing is powered by Microsoft, which means that Pay Per Click ads on Bing show to nearly 60 million users across the Microsoft network of search engines: Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. This is incredibly valuable because even though you don’t have the largest audience, you have to take things into perspective. I mean, 60 million is no modest number.

Higher Ranking Search Results for Less

Less competition on your ads means that you can probably rank higher on the Bing search engine result pages. Having your ads show higher for less money? That seems like a no brainer. All of this is important to consider and it’s worth having a conversation with your digital marketing team about exploring.