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From laptops and computers to smartphones and tablets, there are many things to consider when designing websites for various screen sizes. When it comes to small screens like our smartphones, it’s essential that your mobile-friendly web design is effective and engaging for consumers to properly view and navigate through. The big truth is, almost everybody has a phone. With 94% of Americans owning a cellphone, the average individual will check their phones about 150 times a day. From social media to browsing on the web, it is crucial to make a favorable impression when it comes to your brand’s website being viewed on a mobile device.

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Understanding Mobile-friendly Design

With limited space and shorter attention spans to consider when it comes to the average viewer on their mobile device, there’s a lot to be mindful of when it comes to designing a unique structure to work effortlessly on a mobile phone. The key is simplifying the physical structure regarding information and functionality. Remember, when your viewers are away from their computer and laptop screens, they look to their mobile device for the same experience but with the convenience of a small screen.

At K2 Analytics Inc., we have a creative team of web and mobile app developers as well as graphic designers, social media specialists, and content writers to amplify mobile-friendly design for all types of brands and businesses. We pay attention to every detail when designing digital mobile structure for an easy and engaging customer experience. It is our priority that control buttons, active links, as well as their complementary content and graphics are functional and legible. In addition, each structure we design is simple to navigate through multiple subpages at one time.

As a certified Google Partner Agency in Las Vegas, we understand Google analytics when it comes to a successful mobile-friendly design. As one of the leading search engines, Google favors optimal content, tap targets, and readable graphics and pictures that quickly load. We work hand in hand with our Google Certified Developers to make sure each of our clients’ mobile web design is optimized and efficient.

Mobile Friendly Code and Design

Mobile Friendly Code and Design

Our team of web coders and mobile designers have specific techniques and expertise when it comes to HTML, single URL, RWD, and more. Overall, mobile consumers want their information fast, modern, and accessible. As a business or brand that’s making its mark in the digital space, mobile-friendly web design is absolutely essential for increased traffic, sales/revenue, and impactful brand awareness at the first impression.

In today’s world of technology, it’s important as a brand to be inclusive of the ever-growing range of devices that come with a diverse set of screen sizes. With fully adaptive web design, our creative team will curate your mobile pages to be displayed for any combination of location, devices, and network capability for the ideal results.

Our approach delivers designs and experiences that embrace this diverse, new multi-screen world which comes essential to your brand or business. We tailor each design according to our brands’ requirements and overall goals. We use a strong mix of SEO content and visuals with engaging product display features and benefits to generate a clean and modern layout. We are proud to specialize in this type of design and we strive to amplify your brand or business in any digital way imaginable.

70% of new traffic is mobile

Is your website mobile friendly? With websites being accessed daily on mobile devices, it’s critical that your website is designed to perform just as well on this type of setting. Not only is mobile designed website crucial for communicating with your consumers, but it poses as the first impression for first-time customers learning about your brand and what it has to offer.

“Mobile-Friendly” is one of the significant new updates that Google delivered in 2015. With ranking scores and magical website disappearing without notice, you should know that adaptive web design is not a luxury add-on, it’s a required aspect to your brand’s marketing strategy. Key tip: The next time you are searching on your mobile device, look under the site name in the search results to see the little gray “mobile-friendly” phrase.

As a creative marketing agency, we offer a wide range of design and development services that provides a customized experience tailored toward your brand and your targeted audience. Through ongoing consultations, we work side by side with you as we curate the perfect master plan when it comes to your mobile web design.

As we analyze and explore your analytics further, we can determine the overall look and feel of your brand to decide whether it is a simple informational site or an elaborate multimedia site. We offer all aspects of professional website design services which include SEO optimized landing page design, microsite design, small business website design, all the way to complex and large portal web application design and development.

Tailored Mobile Design

Tailored Mobile Design

Each site we design is unique and tailored to the requirements of our clients. Each of our brands and businesses is unique in their own way and we need to make sure that every detail that goes into the design is effecient. Through a mix of strong content and visuals, we display product features and benefits of your services in a crisp, clean, and attractive layout, with a user-friendly navigation system.

Whether you’re looking to create a mobile-friendly design for your brand’s website or simply just looking to enhance the one you currently have, let our web designers and digital marketing specialists at K2 Analytics Inc. curate the perfect layout design with intelligent technology and ultimately create a website that boosts sales, traffic, and brand awareness.

No matter what your passion or brand is, the K2 Analytics creative team would absolutely love to work with you! With our high-quality work and leading expertise, we can work together to get your business where you envision. We love working with all types of brands to amplify their goals while sticking with their values and mission. Schedule an appointment for a consultation today to discuss a master plan to get your business where it needs to be!

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