Voice & Piano Studio Web Design & SEO Services

Las Vegas Voice & Piano is a piano studio helping students of all ages and skill levels develop their music talents. This private studio specializes in singing and piano lessons. The client had already been in business for over a decade before deciding to work with K2 Analytics.

With a need to set themselves apart from the competition, the client hired K2 Analytics for our Digital Marketing Services.


Business Type: Las Vegas Voice & Piano is a piano studio


Our task for this client was to revamp its digital presence. Since the client is focused on music, we needed to build a brand new website that would grab the attention of musicians and music students alike. Also, a new SEO strategy needed to be at the core of the website’s new content to generate rankings in a competitive industry.


Step one: build a brand new website focused around SEO & focus keywords.

Step two: work with the client to reconfigure the brand identity.

Step three: incorporate music themes to catch the attention of music students & artists.

Step four: generate website content relevant to the client’s services.

Step five: revamp the YouTube channel to increase engagement.

Step six: create a blog section to increase website traffic and search engine rankings.


In a matter of months, the client began ranking highly for targeted keywords within Google. A boost in rankings increased website traffic, leads, and new students. The client now is on the first page of Google within the targeted keywords.

The revamped YouTube channel brings in countless viewership with every video upload from students seeking advice and information.

Voice & Piano Studio Web Design & SEO Services


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