Las Vegas SEO That Makes Moves

We partnered with Champion Movers Las Vegas and worked on SEO and PPC strategies. In such a competitive market, we needed to make sure they outshone the competition and that’s exactly what was done! Today Champion Movers is known as one of the top companies for local, commercial, and long-distance moving.

Business type: Las Vegas Moving Company


Marketing a local business has to be one of the most competitive things that you can do as a digital marketing agency. The sheer number of local businesses that operate in the same industry (such as moving companies) is astounding. That being said, we needed to make Champion Movers stand out as a leader in their industry. That would require us to use a variety of marketing strategies that focused on bringing in new leads through phone calls and contact forms on their website. How did we do this?


Obviously, every business needs a quality website with plenty of persuasive content and images on service pages, landing pages, and more. But that is simply the foundation. From there we focused on driving online traffic through search engines to the website through organic and paid reach methods. Optimizing the website with SEO best practices in addition to optimizing Pay Per Click ads and local online business directories to allow their business to show up first on Google’s search results.


The result is that Champion Movers is one of the leading local businesses in their industry. They have a lot of high rating reviews on Google My Business and they are continuously showing up first in search engine result pages (SERPs). That’s not easy when there is so much competition between local businesses and nation-wide movers that operate in Las Vegas. Despite that, Champion Movers are thriving and as they continue to grow we continue to provide them with innovative digital marketing solutions for local businesses.

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