HiDow International


Consolidated in the USA in the year 2002 with manufacturing bases in China, Hi-Dow International Inc. concentrates in both international trading and manufacturing. With this incredible aggregation, HiDow International can offer low-cost products and high-quality devices to all its customers around the world.

At HiDow International, it is their mission is to offer expedient, professional, and courteous service of the highest caliber. To them, their customers always come first. All of their representatives offers reliable and quality services you can depend on. Trust that their representatives will answer all your questions and address issues on a timely basis.

HiDow has come a long way to providing you with the best TENS and EMS units on the market, and to extend those services, they have dedicated their passion to innovative technology with it. Purchasing a HiDow device means a lifelong commitment to pain-free living! With their products, you have the answer to chronic pain solutions like no other. In addition, feel instant relief to aches and pains as you relax your way to euphoria.

Say goodbye to muscle weakness, muscle injury, muscle spasm, Bell’s Palsy, and more. Now, you can say hello to atrophy prevention, muscle tone improvement, and relaxation. Using their devices is a lifelong commitment to wellbeing.