Gourmet Spices E-Commerce, Content Marketing & SEO Services

SugarRoti is a gourmet seasoning company that creates their own blends of Indian spices. This company was already established for years before deciding to work with K2 Analytics. The client has over a dozen of its own original blends but needed direction for its digital marketing strategy. Without a clear plan, it’d be difficult to succeed in their competitive industry.


Business Type: SugarRoti is a gourmet seasoning company


The team at K2 Analytics needed to work with the clients existing website and optimize it for SEO. Another challenge for the team was to update the e-commerce platform that the client was using. With endless options available, the products needed to be retargeted for SEO purposes.

Lastly, the team needed to highlight the culture that revolved around the client and encapsulate that within the content marketing strategy.


Step one: target keywords for SEO rankings.

Step two: reconfigure the e-commerce store.

Step three: begin Google & social media ads.

Step four: generate content focusing on highly searched keywords within Google.

Step five: create new images for the website and social media.

Step six: begin a bi-monthly newsletter to generate leads.


With this six-point plan, the client increased its website traffic and leads. The Google and social media ads generated further growth in followers, engagement, sales, and leads. The e-commerce store and website are fully optimized for SEO which assists in further solidifying the search engine rankings. With the help of a bi-monthly newsletter, the client continues to boost readership in its blogs and sales within its website.

Gourmet Spices E-Commerce, Content Marketing & SEO Services


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