Dr. Frank L. Stile


Dr. Frank L. Stile is a renowned plastic surgeon that has served the Las Vegas community for many years. He is a sought-out celebrity surgeon who can make miracles as people from all walks of life visit him for a consultation.

Whether it’s a breast lift or a tummy tuck, Dr. Stile has the certification and skill to perform the procedure. While most plastic surgeons are “all talk,” you can see his astounding portfolio for incredible results. He’s a magnet to the media as the community wants to know his secret to beauty.

He’s been featured in a variety of magazine outlets such as Wired, Huffington Post, Maxim, The New York Time Square, Real Fighter, and much more. He’s also appeared in countless of television and radio shows to voice the importance of beauty as his works are shown throughout many celebrities.

The innovation of plastic surgery begins with Dr. Frank L. Stile as he treats every patient with a much-needed attention. When patients want guaranteed results and bang for their buck, Dr. Stile can easily deliver. There’s no other plastic surgeon in Las Vegas that can perform miracles like Dr. Frank L. Stile.


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