Digital Marketing for Tourist Attraction

Breathe is a modern wellness bar with multiple physical locations, including Las Vegas. We teamed up with Breathe and with the best SEO strategy to help them rank on Google for organic search results. In addition to SEO, we built an e-commerce commerce website optimized to attract more customers and increase sales to their online shop that includes a variety of wellness products.

Business Type: A Modern Wellness Oxygen Bar in Las Vegas & Orlando


Breathe is an oxygen and wellness bar located throughout Las Vegas, Nevada, and Orlando, Florida. It provides wellness and oxygen bar services to help relax the body, mind and soul.

Our mission was to understand this unique brand and help it flourish through crucial calculated strategies. This existing brand needed to elevate its presence as one of the biggest experiences in Las Vegas and Orlando.


Step one: research the Las Vegas and Orlando markets and target certain areas.

Step two: build an incredible website that is focused on SEO.

Step three: create a self-sustaining online shop with a Point-Of-Sale (POS) system.

Step four: create an e-commerce digital marketing strategy to grow its business.


This oxygen and wellness bar is now one of the most sought-after attractions in Las Vegas and Orlando. The launch of the website helped grow the brand’s name to generate more leads. The online shop now delivers hundreds of products throughout the United States. Our e-commerce digital marketing strategy has helped the client increase their email listing to generate more sales.

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