Custom Print SEO Services & Website Design

Customistic is a custom print shop. This client specializes in sublimation and personalized printing for most garment and accessory items. The client came to K2 Analytics needing SEO services, website design, and social media marketing. This client was already in business for over a decade before K2 Analytics began work with them.

Business Type: Customistic is a custom print shop.


Our biggest challenge was to rebrand the website while still maintaining the originality of the brand voice. Not to mention, K2 Analytics needed to correct past mistakes from the previous digital marketing agency that the client worked with.

Our team had their work cut out for them. However, we proposed a plan that would benefit the client!


Step one: Target SEO keywords that best represented the client and its services.

Step two: Work with the client to rebrand the website while maintaining authenticity.

Step three: Optimize the website for speed and SEO rankings.

Step four: Revamp their Google Ads campaign.

Step five: Generate content for their social media accounts.

Step six: Specialize content marketing for SEO rankings.


The client saw a huge jump in SEO keyword rankings. With an increase in ranking, it also generated growth in website traffic; which also boosted lead generation. The increase in lead generation also boosted sales for the client. A revamped Google Ads campaign also increased the efficiency of the client’s investment. Helping them increase sales while lowering costs for their advertising spending.

Lastly, the client was pleased when our team delivered a website that was fully optimized for SEO but still kept the character of their original website.

Custom Print SEO Services & Website Design


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