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K2 Analytics is the digital marketing agency for Climb Vegas which is an adventure ropes course on the strip in the heart of Las Vegas. We provide SEO services for Climb Vegas, built a beautiful website for them, and played a pivotal role in helping them rank on Google in Las Vegas.

Business Type: Indore Adventure, HIGH ROPES COURSE


Climb Vegas is a fun ropes course attraction in Las Vegas. Their location has 17 different ropes courses that challenge a visitor’s physical balance and strength in a fun way. The challenge for us was to create an SEO plan and Digital Marketing Strategy that fully captures the fun energy environment of their business.


A four-point plan was created to help this business grow!

Step one: work with the business to fully capture its brand identity.

Step two: build a user-friendly and SEO-based website.

Step three: build a blog content calendar about the business with our content marketing strategy.

Step four: capture amazing pictures of the business to use for a social media marketing plan.


This ropes course business is now one of the biggest attractions near the Las Vegas Strip. The SEO-based website ranks very well to build leads and close sales. Its ever-growing content calendar is read by many looking for more tips and advice about the ropes course industry.

The company now has a fun and interactive social media following. Each post fully displays the fun activities that this ropes course business offers.

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