Certified Nannies of America


Whether you’re looking for a full-time or an on-call nanny, Certified Nannies of America is a Las Vegas-based agency for you. Every nanny in their roster is certified to work with children to focus on their wellbeing. Unlike babysitters, nannies are entirely focused on child growth as busy parents take on their business outside of the home.

They work with children at any age, and they employ both Newborn Care Specialists and Certified Nannies alike. Their goal is for busy parents to have the peace of mind they need. Full-time and part-time nannies are available upon contact, so families never have to worry. Whether it’s a backup, hotel, or event nanny, Certified Nannies of America has the staff you need to cater your preference.

They’re recognized all over the city as families from all parts of the globe employ them for short or long term jobs. Locals and tourists choose them as the number one care providers in Las Vegas because of their child-focused services. Parents never have to worry about their children as their nannies can handle any situations. With professionalism and compassion, Certified Nannies of America understands the importance of child development like no other competition in town.


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