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Anthony Paglia, the owner of a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas determined that SEO would help his business increase revenue. He decided to hire K2 Analytics to help him achieve these goals. We were able to build an SEO-friendly website and make it ranked on Google Maps. K2 Analytics also improved his website content and meta data so that he could get more leads. Today, Anthony Paglia & Associates has seen a noticeable increase in revenue each month since K2 was hired.

Business Type: Injury Lawyer Las Vegas


Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer is a personal injury lawyer serving the Las Vegas community.

The challenge for us was to separate him from the rest of the competitive firms in Las Vegas. He is a big advocate for the local Latino community, so K2 Analytics needed to convey his message as a community leader. Also, with the many fields of law that he practices we needed to make sure that every field was covered.


K2 Analytics had a four-step solution plan to help the Las Vegas based law firm.

The new user-friendly website covers the multiple fields of law he practices. There’s even a blog page for people to keep informed about their legal rights in Las Vegas. 

We covered multiple SEO keyword phrases to increase the law firm’s search engine results.

The four-step solution plan targeted Las Vegas since that’s where he can practice law.


The law firm has now increased their client leads since K2 Analytics has taken over. He is now one of the top ranking lawyers positioned in Google. His traffic on his website has also increased. Lastly, his social media presence and followers has increased since working with him.

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