SEO and Web Design for Men’s Wellness and Health Clinic

With traffic to the website and social media channels growing, K2 Analytics helped American Male Wellness differentiate its digital strategy in Las Vegas by implementing an integrated campaign that fueled online visibility and resonated with clients. K2 Analytics developed a brand new website, secured American Male Wellness a top spot on Google, and grew web traffic through targeted campaigns that generated an increase of potential leads.

Business Type: Men’s Health & Wellness Clinic


American Male Wellness is a Las Vegas based male clinic. They specialize in treating erectile dysfunction, sex performance and diabesity. With the fields of medicine they’re in we needed to make sure that everything was covered perfectly in their digital marketing strategy.


We used a three-step solution plan to help the Las Vegas male clinic.

We targeted men in certain age groups that might be affected by these real-life issues. However, we did it in a respectful way for the person seeking treatment.

Each new page created within the user-friendly website covered keyword phrases to boost their search engine ranking.

The new social media marketing strategy also had a different tone of voice to increase engagement.


This male clinic is now the top leading male clinic in Las Vegas. Their amount of patients has increased since K2 Analytics has taken over. Their SEO ranking within Google is always top ranking. Traffic on their website has also increased 22% since working with them.

Web Design Male Health Clinic & Men Wellness ED Web Design Website Blue Color


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