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Incredibly structured arguments echoed the streets of Agora as notable individuals such as Plato and Socrates helped shaped civilization. Back then, Agora was a city thriving with Greek culture as it centered its focus on trade goods, philosophy and science. Unbelievably adept of its time, the Greeks continue to influence our society in a way that reverberates knowledge.

Just like the city, AGORA Cosmetics is the leading influence of its time when it comes to skin care. In 2009, a Toronto-based research group was able to identify dermal stem cell’s location that’s evidenced to reverse the process of aging. After its discovery, researchers developed a way to implement a therapeutic application that has changed the way we think about skin care. With innovation in mind, researchers presented Cell to Cell Communication to the public.

Focusing on skincare luxury line, AGORA Cosmetics surpasses the competition using Cell to Cell Communication. Every product strives to assist customers on their journey to ward off aging. They continue to thrive in the industry as constant innovation assumes quality products. Because AGORA Cosmetics believe in the fight against aging, it is in their best efforts to research and analyze the next best thing.

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