Shirtuki Boutique


Shirtuki is a jewelry boutique emphasizing handmade collections from rings to necklaces. The owner’s name is Shir who is a mother, a wife, and an artist! She specialized on crafting, sewing, painting, and design. In her own words, “Handmade is my passion.”

Since the birth of her son, she has focused her free time on jewelry making. Because of this, she decided to take her hobby a step further by starting Shirtuki. In all designs, there is a muse inspiring Shir to create a new concept to accessories.

Unlike factory-made products, everything made from Shirtuki is authentic and original. This means that not one item is created the same. When you purchase something from their boutique, they guarantee that you’re the only one who owns that particular piece. Thus, no two are alike. This is what makes Shir’s boutique so extraordinary because every piece is made with care.

Find pendants, jewelry organizers, necklaces and more when you browse through their collection. They’re profound in quality so that all items lasts a lifetime. You can be sure to find a style that’s according to your preference with Shirtuki. They’re handcrafted to perfection so that you can wear them again and again.