IVORY Star Productions


Living and breathing the world of entertainment, Ivory Star Productions is the producers of many leading shows in Las Vegas. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, familiar shows will come to mind as you see them throughout the Strip.

Live shows like Defending the Caveman speaks to all audience who’s been in a relationship. Hilarity exudes the performance as Kevin Burke dives into a variety of situations that couples may face. You’ll notice insightful observations and witty banter all over the act as the audience leaves with joy.

Another show that Ivory Star Productions produces is one that is beloved by many people: Marriage Can Be Murder. Die Laughing with this murderous show as the audience plays detective alongside an eccentric Lieutenant. This award-winning show slays viewers with a pinch of shenanigans!

If that’s not enough to keep you intrigued, Ivory Star Productions is responsible for Las Vegas’ seasonal Glittering Lights. Found at the Motor Speedway is Nevada’s biggest holiday light show. The tradition started in 2000, and it continues to attract locals and tourists from all around the globe. With a spectacular show, it houses three million lights that make up hundred of holiday displays. In Las Vegas, Glittering Light is a winning tradition like no other.

Ivory Star Productions continues to grow as they make Vegas the number entertainment capital in live shows. With their impressive work, you’ll keep yourself sitting on your chair wanting more!