Furniture Restoration Lab


Every work on Furniture Lab is under the careful direction of Jerry Guederian. He’s fantastic eye for repair has made him a success both in shoes and furnishing. He thanks his talent from school as he graduated from A.RS. Sutoria Institute of Shoe Design in Milan, Italy. In fact, he was profound in school that he was recognized as one of the successful students they’ve had the pleasure of educating. After graduating, he packed his bags to bigger dreams! He relocated to Los Angeles in the 1970s where is started Shoe Lab.

After establishing a flow of consistent client’s, Shoe Lab continued to grow. Movie industries sought out to Shoe Lab because of his ability and turnaround time for customized footwear. Along with that, he began Furniture Lab which gradually became a hit in the community. With success, Jerry is filled with gratitude as his reputation continued to grow.

Every craftsman that work for Furniture Lab is carefully selected and trained to perform quality work to satisfy clients from all walks of life. Amongst those clients are top designers from high-end retail stores. It is in their best interest to represent Furniture Lab and Shoe Lab the best way they can.

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