Behind the works of Fruitland is a dedication rooted from 60 years of experience in the field of nuts and dried fruits.

They live and breathe the logistics of agricultural commodities from developing to importing products for retailers and wholesalers alike. Their influence has grown from local branding to international as you’ll find their products around the world. With this expansion, they guarantee to satisfy all customers by providing quality food.

Naturally healthy, delicious and sweet, FruitLand contains dried nuts, fruits, and vegetables that are carefully selected to perfection. Everything incorporated in every bag is fresh so that they’re ready once upon opening!

Derived fresh from the world’s best producers, the products are dehydrated per batch to sustain their flavors. With dried fruits, nuts and vegetables, you’ll be sure to enjoy a savory meal. Use them as a garnish or simply eat them as a snack. Whatever your choice is, there’s a delicious flavor in every bite.

With FruitLand, they emphasize eating healthy for an overall well-being. No additives are incorporated in any of their products to sustain the natural flavors. In every package, there is a rich depth of taste that your palate will experience.