Fones Gone Wild


Starting off simply as an accessory store, Fones Gone Wild continued to expand after its inception in 2008. They were often located in malls as they carried the latest styles in accessories to cater a vast amount of personalities. Far from anticipated, Fones Gone Wild continued to grow from a modest store to a repair shop.

They’ve come across a variety of customers that has requested phone repair services which hit a light bulb to one of their founders. After a year of debating, its founders decided to open their first official phone repair store that focuses on customer service and fast turnaround. Simple beginnings turned into more than just that as you can find Fones Gone Wild in various locations in Las Vegas. UNLV and Meadows Mall is one of the most notable areas to find a quick solution to your mobile phone’s issues.

As their business expanded, so did their team of technicians. Hard working and dedicated to service you, they can answer all your questions regarding phone problems. To them, no one should have the setback of purchasing a new phone when it can be repaired at an affordable price. At Fones Gone Wild, they continue to set their rates at competing prices so that Las Vegas has a trusted phone repair service they can rely on.