Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

K2 Analytics - Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

“There are still some billboards out there, can you tell how many seen yours?”

It is imperative to build robust online marketing strategies for small businesses

Small business owners and their co-owners today who wish to grow and thrive must embrace modern online marketing strategies and no longer settle for the status quo.

Efforts geared towards going mobile, utilizing social media and establishing or helping a community to thrive will draw in consumers, energize and address issues that people are talking about.

The goal of any true marketer is to create a robust online marketing strategy for small businesses. As wells as, to come up with ways to present offers to customers without sounding disingenuous to consumers by just telling them what they are expected to hear. The real focus should be on engaging in meaningful ways with their clients, learning from the companies we market so that we can fine tune our skills.
Use social media to acquire feedback, surveys, and event participation.
The primary means of engagement is your willingness to interact with your engaged followers.

Be open and transparent without any hidden agendas, address your members by name, get your followers to show you how they are using your products, and don’t be afraid to ask fans to provide their input. Their invaluable feed will cultivate a sense of community.

Tailor your efforts for each network.

Remarketing works well on Facebook. This tactic lets you advertise to people, your network, who have already been to your website and have shown interest in your products or services.

This method will boost conversions, only show your ad to people who are genuinely interested in your product, and you can remarket to people who have visited your site, have not yet purchased, and those who have completed a transaction. Twitter posts must be succinct and to the point, while Pinterest can spark conversations because of its emphasis on visuals.

Pinterest Analytics can be used to help you understand how users are sharing and engaging with content from your site and can help you target your users efficiently by showing you what they are viewing and highlighting in their “Pinnings.”

Highlight your participation in community efforts.

While content is important, an audience that is aware of your charitable efforts will want to help you achieve your goals. Consumers are comprised of real people who care about doing business with brands that are trustworthy, meaningful and whose efforts show they put others before profit.