Marketing Metrics You Need to Have For Your Business

K2 Analytics - Marketing Metrics

As companies, like K2 Analytics, proceed to spend in content marketing and marketing metrics such as Google Analytics, several are facing with the job of determining its influence on their business’s traffic. One thing is for certain; these marketers are left questioning each other one question: is it possible to measure content marketing’s effectiveness?

Even though some depend on metrics such as social shares and page views to clarify this issue, it is necessary to delve further and take a glimpse at how content is reshaping the sales and marketing pipeline. Fortunately, there are no specific metrics for content marketing to track its impact on such investments– Let’s take a look!

Time Spent on a Page

Average time on content provides you the measurement into whether users are swiftly scanning your content or avidly reading what you have to say.

Page Impressions

Page views show marketers which pages and how many of them are getting traction. Additionally, it helps identify which posts are performing better than others. These information help writers produce valuable content for their readers.

Unique Visitors

Page views are determined by users who click the pages, or unique and repeated visitors define it. These stats tell marketers the size of their audience and the number of traffic is from regular visitors.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is getting the measure from two clicks which are the entry and exit click. If the click happens on the same page, that is regarded as a “bounce” solely because the user didn’t explore your site by clicking on other links.

Pages Per Visit

Bounce rate determines the percent of people visiting a site without leaving the “Landing Page” (the first page they landed on) to other websites. Bounce rate will also measure pages per visit and “Crawl” clicks your site is getting.

Session Duration

Also known as dwell time which is measuring the length of time a user spends on your website.