How to Find the Perfect Co-founder for your Startup

How to Find the Perfect Co-founder for your Startup

“The ideal Co-Founder candidate should have the dedication and drive to succeed no matter what the conditions may be…”

Many entrepreneurs that take the step forward to put their idea into action find themselves with a common issue – they don’t possess all of the skills that are required to build their startup.

Of course in this instance, there are many options. Some tend to outsource part of their work, others to hire employees to get the job done, hire a digital marketing agency, however, neither of these solutions offers the same passion, values, and support that you should expect from finding that ideal partner, or Co-Founder, who is vital for your startup.

Write a Job Description

Consider the strengths and weaknesses you possess in line with your business. What areas require more attention to driving your startup forward? By writing a job description for your ideal candidate, you will have the opportunity to assess the skills and capabilities that will complement yours.

Network, Network, Network

Knowing the capabilities that the ideal candidate would possess will allow you to go out and network and search for that person. Join networking organizations, groups, and social communities online, attend events and put yourself out there.

Follow up with previous colleagues

Our best advice is not to rush into anything. You may think that you have found the ideal candidate to enter into this venture with you, but don’t stop there. Take time to conduct more research. Reach out to associates and former colleagues of the candidate and take all of their feedback into consideration. After all, you will be spending the majority of your working life with this person!

Think beyond their resume

You have to consider that starting a new business can be extremely stressful and time-consuming without any guarantee of success. Therefore the ideal candidate to take the post as your co-founder should act as a support system and have the dedication and drive to succeed no matter what the conditions may be. Dismiss how good this person may be at their job – if you can not see yourself developing a rapport with them to succeed in the future – you are not setting your startup off with a solid foundation for success.