6 Simple Ways to Increase Your Social Media Presence

6 ways to increase your social media presence

“Social Media Presence – much more than just a Selfie…”

Be human.

Interact through your social media presence accounts often. Get in there and respond to posts that show interest in what others have to share as well. Show who you are as a person, not just an organization so that your audience will feel more connected to you. The most effective social media marketing strategies focus on establishing and building a community using both content and social media marketing. Through active participation and interaction, you can foster new relationships, strengthen the ones you already have, provide responses to those who are listening and those who are providing their feedback. Establishing relationships and building rapport is really about building trust, and through this simple process, your social media reach will inevitably grow.

One-on-one communication.

Many of us may mistakenly believe others may not care to hear about what we think or feel, but the simple truth is our emotions are what drive our actions offline and on. If your friend raves about a local restaurant she visited over the weekend, you are more likely to eat there too. If you happen to rave about the excellent service you received at a local establishment or even the tremendous savings you received from an online store, your friends and followers are more likely to give that online store a shot too.  So speak to your customers directly rather than the masses.  

Provide valuable insights that can only come from your organization rather than your competitors.

People are attracted to exclusivity. It gives an audience something they cannot find anywhere else and we, as humans, naturally gravitate towards what is unique. Your unique take on a situation will keep your audience coming back for more.

Show your humor, compassion, and empathy.  

Once again – the power of emotions just cannot be underestimated.  Through a smile or shedding of a tear, strong bonds can be established between humans, and it is the first instinct for us to relate to one another. If you’ve experienced an incident that your followers can relate to – share it. We all have moments of frustration, disappointment, triumph, and even loss, and a moment of shared insights with real people is what a sense of community is built on.

Help your audience to see you as an expert.  

Take a firm stance and support your position with sours, and imagery.  Consider the impact political candidates have on their followers. They cannot come off as indecisive, untrustworthy, or weak. They must be passionate about their goals, intentions, and beliefs.

Make your audience think.

Engagement stems from asking questions of real value.  Questions worthy of attention (as well as blog posts) will keep your content entertaining, new, and fresh, and more importantly, keep your audience truly engaged.

We are all too familiar with the impact social media engagement has on our everyday lives; the latest trends, sports and entertainment, and the opportunity one message has to engage the community around YOUR brands.  A single idea or product can be tap into an existing market or create a new one.

As a business owner, you already know that social media presence is a perfect place to maintain your relationships long after your customers have decided to use your products or services.

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