The Importance of Hashtags in Online Marketing

K2 Analytics - Hashtags in Online Marketing

“Today, it is a symbol that categorizes topics that drive traffic to posts.”

For many years, hashtags (#) described the pound sign. Today, it is a symbol that categorizes topics that drive traffic to your website and posts.

To online marketers, ignoring the hashtags is close to a cardinal sin. It’s incorporated in TV advertisements, radio stations, Social Media channels, and other outlets to connect audiences to one entity.

Hashtags are integrated into entries to group related topics. The idea started on Twitter, but its initial proposal rejected until it began to take off in October 2007 following the #SanDiegoFire. From there, live feeds were readily available to those interested in such a topic.

The efficient use of hashtags is necessary to drive extra traffic to posts. Still, many business owners don’t see their impact on social media. So why are hashtags so important?

Accessible Topics

The hashtag makes it simple to search for a particular subject. Along with easy searches, it helps reach targeted audiences.

Compelling Interests

When a user finds a post of interest, they’ll spend a significant amount of time browsing through content that is generated by the hashtag sign.

Social Media Friendly

Millions of users go to social media platforms to communicate. They don’t just talk to friends and families anymore; they voice their opinions on other platforms such as businesses, news and so much more. With the help of hashtags, topics are grouped together for easy browsing.

What’s a Good Hashtag?

Industry-related hashtags help reach the targeted audience to connect businesses with their consumers. Hashtags are adopted to identify services and products. The use of tags can be for generalization or specifications.

One way to develop a successful hashtag is by being consistent in social media presence. Thus, the more a hashtag is used, the more chance it has to grow an audience.

But, when creating posts, do not go overboard on hashtags as it can overwhelm readers. Instead, let it flow naturally. Failure to do so can make an entry look unprofessional and cluttered.