Bulletin: Google’s New Tool for Local News

K2 Analytics - Google New Local Tool

Bulletin Update From K2 Analytics! Nowadays, social media is taking over the endless highway of cyberspace. Be it local, national, global, or even personal news, more and more users are turning into their social media accounts to feed their mind about the latest happenings around them. No wonder why Google is currently experimenting with a better alternative for perhaps a more reliable source of news– specifically local stories– for the people on the go.

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What’s with Google’s Bulletin?

Google has been developing different kinds of platforms and software that are no doubt helping people become more efficient and productive. This January, it has quietly launched a tool that’s extremely meant for local small-community news. So even though you can already post anything and everything under the sun on social media, what sets aside Google’s Bulletin apart from other platforms is that it is solely meant for local news. We’re excited to take a look at this experimental software so let’s find out what’s in it in!

1. It’s a free app for everyone

Bulletin allows you to tell a story by capturing photos, sharing video clips, and posting texts right from your phone, published straight to the web without having to build your own blog or website. This phone app allows anyone to post breaking stories in their locality. It’s an easy way to tell stories about what’s going on around you, from local bookstore readings to high school sporting events!

2. It’s being tested in Oakland and Nashville

The quiet launching of the app has a live sign-up page now. But it’s only in a limited pilot phase that’s currently available in Oakland, California and Nashville, Tennessee. You can be considered for the pilot if you request early access. Plus, you may also contact Google if you are a journalist and would like to get more information about the bulletin.

3. It’s still unsure how the app will identify the integrity of posts

You can find different kinds of local news on Bulletin– from protests to things that are entirely unforeseen, and other thousands of things beyond that. Sounds like social media, no? But as mentioned above, it’s solely meant for local news, so it is very specific with the range. However, because it’s only in its pilot phase, Google has not yet indicated how the app will identify the veracity of posts.

The Bottom Line

For sure, Google is striving hard to develop software that will be helpful in the years to come. Bulletin is yet just another app that’s being tested and experimented to help people with their daily lives. Indeed, local news is something everyone should pay attention to aside from all the crazy events happening around the globe.