Most Successful Marketing Stunts

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Unfortunately, marketing stunts take a lot of effort. It’s a trial and error process. And although the number of customers to attract and win over is unlimited, you’ll never know if those marketing stunts you pull off will be successful or not. On the brighter side, they often work. And when they do, they bring wonders to the company.

Examples of Great Marketing Stunts

Having a successful business does not happen overnight. From the very first day of your business until now, you learn from your day to day successes and failures. Those will help you grow and become successful as a business owner. Fortunately, you can also learn from other businesses’ experiences. When it comes to marketing stunts, you can get ideas from them and see if it will also work for you or not. Just remember to be as creative as possible and think outside the box! Here are the most successful marketing stunts and ideas that our Digital Marketing Experts recommends for you to try for your business.

1. Don’t be afraid to use humor with your stunts

Stunts need to be entertaining and engaging. Don’t be afraid to express your message comically as long as it is coherent and integrates with the rest of the marketing message. One example is when Taco Bell advertised on leading U.S. newspapers that they had bought the Liberty Bell to reduce the country’s debt and later on revealed that it was just an April Fool’s prank. It generated millions worth of free publicity and sales increase exceeding $1 million.

2. Sometimes it’s easier to team up

When you’re a small company, teaming up with the big names is an easier tactic. For example, Sonic Yoga, a Manhattan-based yoga school, partnered up with Self magazine and made a yoga instruction video which sold out after the magazine hit the shelves. Since then, they’ve made four more videos.

3. Tug at your consumers’ emotions

People love audacity, originality, bravery, and of course, they love to be entertained. Your marketing stunt should be both audacious and bold. And if done right, tugging their emotions will do your business good. One example is D.C. Comics’ release of the comic book, “The Death of Superman” which was sold out on the first day. Eventually, they also released “The Return of Superman.” Don’t let your popular product or your customers’ excitement become stagnant. Sometimes, a little bit of drama helps.

4. Get inspired by what’s popular

Sometimes, it’s just much easier it is to ride the local news agenda and calendar events as a platform to talk about your brand rather than make your own noise. In 2006, Del Monte became a part of a more significant trend called “advertainment” where there’s pure entertainment wrapped around a product with hopes of convincing consumers to purchase said product. And Del Monte aired a reality show for cats on Animal Planet. Because of this, the director did a lot of interviews, and the brand was associated with a worthy cause– cat adoption.

The Bottom Line

A marketing stunt will always be worth it. You either gain from it or learn from it. Either way, it’s good for your business as you grow and strive to become successful. It doesn’t have to be something that hasn’t been done before as long you keep it fresh and exciting. For sure, people will notice your efforts.