How To Increase Web Traffic from Social Media

How to increase web traffic from social media

Tips to Increase Web Traffic from Social Media

Social Media had come a long way from the days when it was merely used as a channel of engagement and companies all over the world are now using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others as a prime platform to generate traffic to their website, and you should be too!

An understanding of which Social Media platform works best to reach your target audience most effectively is crucial, as is the implementation of a strategic marketing plan that is sure to drive traffic and establish Conversions from Social Media.

So, how exactly can I increase web traffic from social media?

Let us break it down for you in 6 steps.


  1. Incorporate a Link to Your Website in all Social Media Channels

We know this seems obvious – but you’d be surprised at the number of companies who forget to do so! Be sure to have a link that directs people to your website on all Social Media Posts and in your Company Bio – along with everywhere else that seems appropriate!

  1. Blog, Blog, Blog!

We have made this point before, and you can be sure this is not the last time you’ll hear it from us either! Creating fresh and unique content will not only generate both an interest and a following within your target market, but it will also provide a basis from which you can increase web traffic from social media

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are used to expand your Social Media reach beyond your followers and reach a larger/new audience. They also help you to create discussions and open conversations on Social Media. According to The Social Media Explorer, ‘using 1-2 hashtags per post can get you an average of 593 interactions per post.’

  1. Use a Call to Action

Don’t forget to incorporate a call to action in your posts. All too often companies only post an update on Facebook, for example, and don’t include any incentive for the reader to engage – construct a simple message to engage the reader. It may help to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and try and determine what would encourage you to click in.

  1. Add Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons enable readers to share the content on your website more easily and therefore gain more reach.

  1. Share Visual Content

Research conducted shows that the use of colored visuals increases the likelihood of a person to read a piece of content by 80%, while content with related images gets 94% more views than content lacking related images.