Then & Now: The Growth of Digital Marketing

K2 Analytics - Growth of Digital Marketing

“Thanks to the growth of digital marketing, everything online is so much manageable and smoother.”

Blink and you’ve missed it. That’s how fast-paced the growth of digital marketing is nowadays. It had evolved a lot compared to its 1900s self when it first started.

The Evolution of Digital Marketing

It is obvious that technology and marketing go hand in hand. But that doesn’t seem to be the case before. Marketing used to be very annoying that it made consumers and potential clients go away. But now, communicating with the mass has become very easy and accessible with the right techniques, thanks to the explosive growth of digital marketing. Here are some of the significant changes that happened then and now.

Google was Born

Yahoo, Infoseek, AltaVista, Lycos, and WebCrawler are some of the best search engines of their time. But ever since Google was introduced in 1998, the golden years of digital evolution haven’t really started. With its birth, everything changed online. Search engines now use advanced ranking algorithms, and browsing became more personal, which made an immense impact on business. Being able to target browsers led a new way to sell and communicate.

SEO Grew Up

SEO became an essential marketing tool. Before people used to do keyword stuffing, article submission and link spamming. But nowadays, SEO is powered by other strategies and channels.

Digital PR Existed

All we had before were only PRs who would do press conferences and secure exposure for their clients in print, radio, and TV. But now, it has broadened and became more powerful. PR specialists can now find out all they need to know about a contact before even making a pitch. With the help of SEO research and trends, they can back all their decisions with data.

Social Media Became Our Lifeblood

Social media is a big influencer in today’s modern technology. It has become a part of every single person’s life and everyone is there. That’s why businesses started building online reputations and use it as a way of connecting to potential clients for marketing strategy.

The Bottomline

For the longest time, tactics used for marketing are designed to interrupt consumers, contact them without permission and blindly target everyone in the hopes of reaching someone interested. Thanks to the evolution of digital marketing, everything online is so much manageable and smoother.