An Expert Weigh-In on Viral Content

K2 Analytics - An Expert on Viral Content

For digital marketers, the epitome of success might probably be viral content. It takes a lot of creativity and work, but when you create something that incites the buzz, it’s worth the hard work.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to content marketing or a viral content maven, you probably understand that it’s almost impossible to predict a viral meme or tweet. You may even think that becoming a viral sensation is a bit sporadic.

Given the circumstances, we’ve seen a thing or two about viral content. What makes content so popular and which ones will go deep into the abyss of the internet graveyard?

So, K2 Analytics went to the drawing board and weighed in on the patterns.

An Expert Weigh-In on Viral Content K2 Analytics

Create Incredible Content

We all have something to say about what makes viral content. It could be a perfectly-timed news story, a data-backed explainer, or an entertaining video tutorial. It doesn’t matter what form of content you decide to make, as long as it incites emotions. Does the story make the user feel inspired, enraged, or laugh? Whatever you post online, you have to ask yourself one question, “if I stumbled upon this, would I care?” If your answer is no, you might want to try again. Your online posts should be the best judge of that.

Would You Share It?

When you’re making content, ask yourself two important questions: “Does this help people express themselves?” and “Why would my viewers care to share this?” If you can’t seem to answer these questions, you may not see your content going viral. People like sharing posts that tend to strike their emotions. Something relatable to them is more likely to get shared than those that don’t cater to them. The job here is to be able to identify these instances.

It All Comes Down to the Emotions

There are two sides to viral content. There’s the human side that excites your audience. It triggers emotional responses that make them want to share it with other people. When you’re able to do this, we call this incredible content. And then there’s the analytics side. You want to be able to measure their engagement and map their interactions. With high-quality content, you’re able to garnish engagement and impressions.

What do you think about viral content? Do you also see patterns between them? If so, let us know!