Why Networking is Important

K2 Analytics - Why Networking is Important

Making connections with individuals and being able to build a mutually beneficial relationship with them is one of the keys to networking. When you network with someone they know what you represent and vice-versa. Both of you work together in some mutual way to get each other to the top of the career/business ladder. We all know how important this is, but why exactly is networking important?

You graduated, now what?

You heard about your friend who immediately got a job upon graduation, and is always working on the corporate ladder, while you’re stuck waitressing for a restaurant until you can find the career of your dreams. How were they able to obtain such a career? Easy, they most likely knew someone, who knew someone to help them get it. While, having a degree sounds like an easy way into a job, having a set of networking systems is better. The saying” It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you” stands very firmly in today’s times.

Obtain Referrals

What better way is it to have a job come to you instead? First, you let people know what you’re looking for, and with the right person, they might just know someone who needs you! This sounds like a win-win when you’ve just scored a referral! When you’re not voicing out your needs, no one will come to you. This is one of the reasons why networking is important.


You decided to open up a new business, but you’ve never had the experience– let alone the foundation. You need someone who’s been there and could ultimately guide you through the steps. Working alone is not as easy as working with others who will help you achieve your goals. Simply asking questions on how your mentor stabilized their business is one of the keys to success.

Open Doors

You decided that you’re not too happy with where you are. Having your options open for other opportunities are better than no opportunity at all. This is the part where you just never know who knows someone that could send you a referral without effortlessly trying.


When you’ve networked with other people, you just have this great feeling that you’re doing something good for yourself and others. When you’re around people who are like-minded as you, you can be sure that positive influences are working towards you.