Dominating Online Marketing Trends For 2017

K2 Analytics - Dominating Marketing Trends 2017

“People want more than just staring at the screen.”

2016 was the year of the online marketing revolution, and it will not slow down anytime soon. While we’re still finishing up the year, we think it’s best to take a look at some dominating trends. After all, we’re predicting that 2017 is going to be bigger and better.

Live Video Will Be a Thing

Social media has been playing a significant role in online marketing. Users crave for in-the-moment content; they want to see live access to the world. Because of faster mobile devices and Internet collection, live videos are attainable. In fact, live streaming became a hot sensation with many platforms adapting to live content functionalities. Additionally, the presidential debate was streamed live for the first time this year as many users tapped in to watch it on any device. While we’ve seen the rise in popularity of live streaming, we’ll see more of it in 2017 and possibly 2018.

Augmented Reality

Only a handful of marketers predicted that Pokemon Go would be a huge success. The peak of its revenue was $10 million in one day. While Pokemon Go, has since left the stage, it’s a message to many online marketers. One, users are open to real experiences, and two, there’s potential in making tons of revenue. Expect marketers launching AR ads, games, and apps as the year 2017 progress.

Experiences That Immerses the Users

People want more than just staring at the screen. They want to feel like they’re a part of a bigger movement. So, prepare to see technologies like virtual reality setting the stage. Additionally, 360 videos help users feel as though, they’re at the moment. If this is not your niche, try workshops and webinars to help users understand what you do and how you can improve their experience.

Targeting Audiences

Online marketing is a crowded business. Everyone wants their time to shine like millions of people tap into social media platforms. Still, with millions of different interests, advertising becomes useless if it reaches people who do not share the same value. One solution to this is by targeting narrower demographics. This results in personal-level campaigns as it is exposed to people interested in the market.