6 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas That Stand Out

K2 Analytics - Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas

“If your company targets local customers, this is a great idea to boost your brand.”

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it’s a great time to lure clients into creative marketing ideas that your business can pull off. Visualize your digital marketing strategy and get ready for this season’s customers.

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How to Stand Out This Thanksgiving

Coming up with marketing ideas that stand out from the sea of competitors’ campaigns can be quite a challenge for every business out there. But for this time of the year, there are many sure ways to rev up your strategies and leave a remarkable, interesting idea to your current and future clients. Celebrate Thanksgiving not just by reflecting on the things you are thankful for, but also by focusing on how you can make the most out of your marketing ideas during this holiday. Here are six Thanksgiving marketing ideas for your business this year.

1. Send a Holiday Message

Acknowledge your clients and let them know they are important. A personalized email expressing your gratitude can go far. Thank them for trusting you and staying loyal in doing business with you.

2. Start Promotions Prior to the Big Event

Before everyone else starts getting ready for the big day, be ahead of them! Let your clients know of your latest and seasonal promotions that they wouldn’t want to miss. It is a good way to get undivided attention before the holiday season gets hectic.

3. Appreciate Your Clients and Business Partners

Who wouldn’t love freebies and complimentary gifts? Give them to your deserving clients! They will appreciate it better than discounts or other value proportions. They would love to be recognized for their loyalty to your brand. Your business partners deserve some recognition, too!

4. Host an Event

If your company targets local customers, this is a great idea to boost your brand. Send a warm invitation to your current and potential customers and host a live event where you can have a live Q&A session, fun complimentary giveaways, etc.

5. Run a Contest

With an interesting theme, you will surely gain a huge audience participating in your contest! Use social media to spread the word and mention the important details they need such as the instructions, the qualifications to join, and the prizes they can win.

6. Take Advantage of Social Media

In this modern age, who doesn’t have a single social media account? Social media is an easy way to reach your target and interact with them, so utilize it properly and effectively. Post a graphic or an update to say something and grab their attention this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Marketing Tips

Thanksgiving is that time of the year where it brings so many opportunities to businesses, either big or small. Although some ideas might get repetitive especially with all the competitors, learning how to be unique and still interesting will surely boost up your brand during the big celebrations. Just stay true to your company’s character and experiment with ideas you think will be a hit for your target audience. You can never go wrong this season of thanks!