Marketing Ideas for a Successful Mother’s Day Campaign

K2 Analytics - Marketing Tips for a Successful Mothers Day

Mother’s day is right around the corner and what better way to honor the mother of the family than with a successful mother’s day campaign. Since everyone is looking for ways to spoil their mom, this is a perfect time to get marketing content up and out. Not only will this get your mom excited for her big day, but it will get the customers excited as well.

Creative ways to Market Mother’s Day

Below are creative ways to boost engagement and ultimately drive sales.

Create a countdown

It might sound silly creating a countdown since most people know when Mother’s day is. However, it’s exciting watching the days pass by until the big day. Not only does this get your mom excited, but it gives the customer a little push to prepare for the day.

Offer a discount code

Providing discounts can lead to several benefits. Not only do they attract new customers, but they can reconnect past customers as well. Offering a mother’s day discount code is a great way to make mom’s and yourselves feel extra special. Remember that a little discount goes a long way.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Everyone loves a good gift guide. These are helpful and if done right, they give great suggestions for a gift. This small touch to your business will drive traffic and can boost engagement.

Repost on Social Media

Sharing other posts is a great way to add content to your social media feed. Some ideas for reposting would be to share gifs, memes, and cards. Remember to use proper etiquette when reposting and always make sure to tie it into your brand. There is nothing worse than confusing your audience. Reposting is a great way to show your customers love, fill in content gaps, and encourages engagement.


To continue with our theme of reposting, sharing a quiz is a great way to boost engagement. You can find all sorts of quizzes on the internet such as “What Kind of Mom are you” and “Find the Movie Mothers.” These are a fun touch that shows you’re personable and care about the moms in your life.

Launch Hashtags

If you haven’t started using hashtags than where have you been hiding? Mother’s day is a perfect time to start as it promotes engagement and even helps with organizing content. All posts with the same hashtag will be filtered in the same location. Get creative with this one and even tie it in with a countdown or a Mother’s Day discount code.