How to Market Your Business to Different Age Groups

How to market your business to different age groups

Ever wonder how successful businesses market to different age groups?

Without a niche market to rely on, many businesses struggle finding a method of marketing to different age groups and when we put this into perspective, we can see exactly why.

If you were to ask an 18-year-old what makes them loyal to a brand, you would likely get a different answer than having asked a 40-year-old the same question.

Each different age group has their own unique values and beliefs which has to do with the generation they have been brought up in – but understanding this in an effort to reach specific targets for marketers, is most definitely a challenge.

Understanding Different Age Groups

An understanding of what draws people to your brand is crucial, as is an understanding of the current technologies people are becoming increasingly accustomed to. For marketers, the most effective way to market a business is to customize the marketing strategy to your target customer demographics. By using the technologies that are readily available to us these days, we have the ability to use analytics to customize marketing efforts to different age groups.

On analysis of various generations ranging from Baby Boomers (born 1943-1964) to Generation Z (born 2001-2013), many interesting facts have emerged, which makes the daunting task of marketing to many generations at once, all the more bearable.

Blog Posts are among the Most Reliable Means of Engagement

Studies have shown that blog posts are the most popular method of engaging with customers across generations, followed by graphics, comments, and e-books. There are many reasons why you should incorporate blog posts into your website, from SEO purposes to content creation to social media – these days, blog posts are a must.

Keep the Content Short

Short Content is vital. No one is going to take the time to read through a text block with no structure or graphics, no matter how interested they are in the topic. Keep it short and sweet and make it shareable and interesting to read!

Use Mobile Resources

With the number of people using their mobile phones to search the internet surpassing the number of people using the desktop – this one is self-explanatory. There are many statistics providing estimates about the number of time people spend online and this figure does not only include the most recent generations. The older generations have been swept up by the technologies and most have willingly taken them on board. Therefore, implementing online resources is vital in the creation of a successful marketing strategy that spans generations.