Generate Revenue Through Your Website over the Holiday Season

Generate Revenue Through Your Website Over The Holiday Season

How to Generate Revenue Through the Holiday Season

“The Greatest Day for E-Commerce Sales is Fast Approaching.”

The Holiday Season is fast approaching – so too is the vast opportunity for businesses to generate revenue due to the increased traffic on the web.

Year after year, people spend a lot of money over the holiday season increases, with more and more emphasis placed on Black Friday and Cyber Monday – marking the beginning of the holiday shopping season. According to, 2014 saw a 15% increase in e-commerce sales from the previous year and this year; this figure is expected to rise yet again.

It’s safe to say all businesses online want to benefit from the increased website traffic that this time of year brings – below are a few pointers to take into consideration while planning for the weeks ahead.


Create a Clear Call to Action to Generate Revenue

When someone lands on your website, you have mere seconds to catch their attention before they leave the site. During the holiday season, with website traffic at a high, the passing seconds are all the more valuable which makes the time you have to catch consumers’ attention even less than normal.

To engage consumers, a clear call to action using actionable language is vital – providing a direct link to current offers or promotions without leaving consumers having to search through the website to find what they are looking for.

Emphasize Time-Sensitivity

With many distractions online, you must draw the attention of the consumers’ by creating a sense of urgency.  Using words like ‘today’ or ‘now’ increases the likelihood of the consumer availing of the offer right there and then.

Ensure Your Website is Mobile Responsive

Mobile is continuing to dominate the web, with more and more internet users connecting from mobile devices. At K2 Analytics digital marketing in Las Vegas, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of a fully mobile responsive website. This holiday shopping season, many consumers will be shopping from the convenience of their mobile device and if your website does not yet accommodate this, put this on top of the to-do list!

Consider Remarketing to Generate Revenue

If a consumer leaves a website without making a purchase – this doesn’t mean they are gone forever! Remarketing allows business owners to follow them as they browse the internet and display highly targeted ads that feature the product/service they showed interest in on the site.

Generate Revenue Through Email Marketing

Creating a themed email marketing campaign that alerts subscribers of upcoming holiday sales and offers and promotions is a great way to create a sense of buzz around the brand for the holiday season and encourage subscribers to be the first available of the holiday offerings. Don’t forget, Cyber Monday, which takes place on November 30th, is considered the largest sales day for E-Commerce, so as a business owner if you haven’t put much thought into this year’s sales promotions, we encourage you to do so now! Check out our blog on using Email Marketing as a tool for your business