8 Holiday Marketing Tips

K2 Analytics - Holiday Marketing Tips

The holidays are here whether you’re ready or not… but is your business? If you’re just getting around to starting your holiday marketing now, rest assured, it’s not too late. To help get your company into the black and have your most successful holiday sales season yet, consider using these Christmas holiday marketing tips K2 Analytics recommends for your current or next campaign strategy.

Essential Holiday Marketing Tips

1. Holiday Sponsorships

Look for local events like parades, races, or other popular events and see if they accept local business sponsors. Especially around the holidays, this can be a great way to get your business in front of more potential customers that normally wouldn’t see your brand.

2. Partner With a Local Charity

Doing some charity work during the holidays is a great way to get additional marketing exposure, and help out for a good cause. Invite volunteers from a local charity to collect money or share their message at your location for a day, or collect donations for their nonprofit as part of a week-long charity drive, or event.

3. Donate to a Cause

Create a donation drive or donate a portion of your profits throughout the holidays or a specific period of time to a particular group or cause.

4. Free Shipping

If you run an online store, free shipping can be a very effective way to encourage more customers to purchase from you during the holiday season. Consider offering free shipping to help increase your online holiday sales.

5. Stocking Stuffer Giveaways

For shoppers looking to finish off their lists, stocking stuffers can be a real lifesaver. Attract new customers by giving away stocking stuffers with each purchase, or offer them at discount for people who spend a certain amount on other items.

6. Offer Gift Cards

Gift cards are very popular around the holidays and make the perfect solution for picky shoppers. Display them prominently around any checkout areas and on your website so even last-minute shoppers know that they’re an option.

7. Holiday Instagram Hashtag

To increase brand awareness and engagement on Instagram throughout the holidays, you can create a specific ‘holiday hashtag’ that people can use to enter in a holiday promotion, contest, or just to show off how they use your products in holiday gifts, recipes, parties and more.

8. Client Gifts

Giving gifts to your top clients, customers, and colleagues throughout the holiday season is a great way to show appreciation for their continued business, and it helps establish a formidable working relationship into the New Year.

Increase Your Holiday Sales with These Tips

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, you have a perfect opportunity for your company to produce creative seasonal marketing campaigns that sell your product and help start the New Year right! The holidays are the biggest and most influential sales period for countless businesses around the world, and you’ll profit from it by taking advantage of holiday marketing tips shared by all… and to all a good night!