5 Valentines Day Marketing Ideas

K2 Analytics - 5 Valentines Day Marketing Ideas

Marketing for Valentine’s Day is more than just dressing up your business website or E-commerce store. Building your brand and cultivating a community of customer love, loyalty, and personal patronage takes strategy. By showing your client base that you care about them, this ‘Hallmark holiday’ could become more meaningful for your business. Here are a few of the best Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for building your brand.

5 Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

A well planned and properly executed marketing campaign that is themed around the spirit of the holiday can be a creative and cost-effective strategy. You can use these Valentines Day marketing ideas for yourself, or come up with your own.

1. Show Some Charitable TLC

An effective way to show community compassion is to partner up with a local charity! Host an event or encourage your customers to donate or volunteer, too. Promote your event on your social pages and in your advertising. Love is a gift that keeps giving, and you can build a larger audience by supporting a greater cause.

2. Customer Care Coupons

Another cute and creative Valentines day marketing idea is to offer coupons for every purchase, or, give discounts or freebies by sending out specials via email or social media. People love discounts and giveaways at any time of year, even when it’s not Valentine’s Day!

3. Highlight Singles Self-Love

Don’t rule out customers who aren’t coupled-up this Valentines Day. Singles likely make up a large portion of your prospects and they will be looking for a little self-love and care that can be provided from your services, too!

4. Share the Love on Social Media

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, why not inspire your customer’s passions? Celebrate with love stories as a way of engaging with your customers and encourage them to share their own. This will help promote your brand, you’ll grow closer with your customers, and in turn, will also be showing them that you care by listening and providing a positive platform. Create a hashtag and hold a contest, or give the best story a prize!

5. Love the Ones You’re With

Be kind to your employees and the love will flow outward. When your employees are happy with how they are treated and cared for, it will also reflect in your branding and customer service.

This Valentine’s Day…

Use this time for not just growing personal relationships, but also for growing your business relationships and making them even stronger! Consider this as an opportunity to increase your karma by means of showing your clients extra love and care.