7 Tips to Step up Your Email Marketing

K2 Analytics - Tips to Step Up Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is your key to success and here is why.

Modern Techniques to Successful Email Marketing

Technology is always evolving and social accounts are being created left and right with trends changing daily. These new trends can be very exciting, but let’s face the fact that there are billions of email users in the world that are here to stay. When it comes to email marketing, companies have the ability to stay personal, create brand awareness, and attract more customers. Email has been known to have the highest ROI for marketers and it is the true winner when it comes to converting people to members, customers, and supporters.

1. Service Provider

Trust us when we say you do not want to input every person’s email by hand. This is tedious and will take the fun out of email marketing pretty quickly. Service providers gather contacts and effectively deliver messages to large groups. While with a service provider, you will also benefit from the email templates and tools to help you manage your email list.

2. Gather contacts

While we may have mentioned briefly the importance of gathering contacts above, it is crucial to have a contact list when growing your business. Create a signup sheet on your website and start by sending the email to close friends and family.

3. Email Templates

It is important to remember that people are creatures of habit. It is easy to recognize who the email is from when the templates remain consistent. Maybe you have the same colors throughout or stay consistent with the fonts. Have fun with the templates. If you find yourself lacking that creativity, there are plenty of email templates to pick from online or with your service provider.

4. Optimize for mobile

Not everyone is at their computer all day. Optimizing for mobile will ensure that the reader using their phone will view the email the way it should be read.

5. Test, test, test

Don’t just send an email without giving it a good test first. Send it to yourself or maybe even a close friend to take a look. Also, test different styles and templates. You never know what will click with your reader. Testing different emails will help you gauge which of your headlines increase open rates.

6. Persuasive Messages

Creating a message that will intrigue, inform, or convince the reader is important when working with email marketing. This might take some practice and a few tweaks in the verbiage, but a persuasive message will help you step up your email marketing.

7. Videos

A fun way to step up your email marketing is to embed a video. This can be a video related to the topic you’re speaking about or a personal video uploaded from YouTube. A video draws the attention of the viewer and speeds up engagement.