Six Ways to Promote Your Blog After Publishing

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As bloggers, we understand the majority of our online traffic comes from the first day we post an entry. Analytics show bumps of visitors sooner than later. Because of that, we garner as many platforms to post our blogs to reach as many people as possible. Following are six ways you can quickly promote your blog to increase traffic. And if you are starting a blog make sure to read our blog on our common blogging mistakes that most beginners make.

Six Ways to Promote Your Blog After Publishing K2 Analytics

Share on Social Media

Tell your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Given how many people utilize social media, it’s highly possible that readers will visit your page. Let them discover you by pushing your content to as many channels as possible.

Utilize Groups

Social media is so dynamic that it helps you build bridges to people with the same interest. Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups help you deliver your messages in a way that’s helpful to your readers. Not only that, but it stimulates better engagement than those who just like your brand.

Tap Into Email Marketing

If you didn’t already know, algorithms are entailed with social media. It’s great for consumers but challenging for businesses. One way sure method to deliver a message is via email marketing. Only then, will you really know that customers are informed of the latest blog posts that you have published.

Promote Your Blog with Influencers

Do you have a huge list of influencers that you’re in contact with? If not, networking is extremely important! So expand your network! Influencers are unique as they deliver traffic to your website by simply providing a shout out to your brand. If done correctly, you’ll be reaping the benefits of the strategy. Of course, ensure that your influencer is from the same industry. You certainly don’t want your blog post about real estate on a beauty website, do you?

Advertise Your Entries

Promoting your blog is easy. You can do this as a Facebook boost or through Twitter Sponsored Tweets. You can include your links, images, and a witty call to action to get people clicking to your website!

Network to Relevant Blogs

Engagement in different industries is imperative. A simple comment can go a long way as you provide a link to your site. Consider talking about similar posts so your audience can discover new content and possibly build new relationships with others within your network.