Is Pokemon Go Good for Local Businesses?

K2 Analytics - Pokemon Go for Local Businesses

Locations ‘in the game’ are what can increase a business’s customer activity

A worldwide phenomenon has the potential to boost your revenue of clients with virtual creatures. This game could be a great addition to your digital marketing efforts. Since the inception of Pokemon in 1998, it has been a childhood staple for millennials alike. It’s a media franchise that has grown so popular that it’s shared by Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak.

Pokemon Go is a free location-based augmented reality game app that has become a sensation amongst iPhone and Android users since it’s release in July of 2016. This game uses geo-based places that have creatures who virtually roam around real locations, and the player’s objective is to walk around, find and capture the Pokemon using the camera on their phone.

The Series

The anime follows the main character named Ash Ketchum who began his training at a young age. His goal is to ultimately ‘catch em all’ as he traveled the world in the hopes of becoming a Pokemon Master. Along with his journey, Ash is accompanied by his starter, Pikachu. At first, their relationship was rough as Pikachu was seen to be an independent, rebellious Pokemon. As time progress, the bond between the two characters was so inseparable; one might even say that they would lose each other’s lives to save the other. The two are met with adventure as they discover new Pokemon, battle other trainers, and establish new friendships.

Pokemon Go Makes Catching ‘Pokemon’ A Reality

Just like Ash Ketchum, people around the globe can become Masters thanks to the newly developed App. The first wave of Pokemon is 151 creatures lurking around waiting to be captured. To be successful at the game, catching Pokemon would mean leaving the house. Where do trainers go? Anywhere a Pokemon is likely to appear. For example, a water Pokemon called Squirtle is more likely to pop up around a body of water like lakes and the ocean. Typical Pokemon like “Pigeoto”, “Rattata”, “Mankey” can be found all throughout the city and are just as important to capture to level up.

What Does This Mean to Local Businesses?

Pokemon Go has been downloaded by over seven million users worldwide. Generating millions of dollars in revenue for the software company, how can local businesses benefit from this simple game? In areas with populated landmarks, there are “Pokestops”. These draw in Go players to retrieve items such as Pokeballs and power-ups by checking in. Without Pokeballs, capturing a Pokemon is impossible. Unless a player is willing to purchase Pokeballs from the App’s store, they’re more likely to check-in on a Pokestop to replenish their stock. They also have to go to metropolitan areas where a Pokestop is to fuel up and gain more items or to a Pokemon Gym to battle against other teams. These two locations ‘in the game’ are what can increase a business’s customer activity.

What Can Business Owners Do Now?

What some local businesses have been doing is grabbing the attention of Go players. Hours of “Poke” searching can lead to hunger and thirst which is a gateway for businesses to offer enticing promotions to them. Using the “Pokestop” advantage, restaurants and bars have been promoting ‘Check into our Pokestop and receive a free appetizer with the purchase of an entree’ or ‘Check into our Pokestop and receive 10% off your bill.’ Simple promotions like these are allowing businesses to gain revenue and popularity throughout their local areas.

If you are a local business needing to find a new way to generate more customers, Pokemon Go is something you could certainly benefit from.