Email Marketing as a Valuable Tool for your Business

Email marketing as a valuable tool for your business

“Email Marketing is not -as some say- dead!”

Often in the marketing environment, queries circulate about the benefits of email marketing for businesses and just how much effort should be allocated to its use as a marketing tool. Some say email marketing to be dead. However, vast amounts of data tell us otherwise.

We all know that data never sleeps, and with every passing minute, massive quantities of data are being transferred through multiple devices – the statistics are amazing!

At K2 Analytics, we see customer engagement metrics from an email marketing campaign first hand. Therefore we can confirm, email campaigns are most definitely not -as some say- dead!

Below are a few pointers which will help you to see exactly why:

It is Continuously Evolving

Some people believe that social media have replaced email marketing. However, this is not the case. From promotions to newsletters, businesses now have more statistics than ever which allow them to monitor engagement and reach, therefore providing increased opportunities to make the necessary alterations to drive greater customer engagement. This includes preparing campaigns that are not only targeted to users visiting the site on a PC/Laptop, but also ensuring they are fully responsive and look good on a mobile device also.

Enables Businesses to Personalize Messages

Not only do some email marketing solutions offer you the ability to include the recipient’s name in the greeting, but they also have the capabilities to include personal information about the customer such as their purchase history or geographic location, which allows businesses to tailor their messages accordingly.

Very Effective

If your email, social, general, or holiday marketing campaigns are implemented correctly, they are very effective. This depends on both the purpose of the email and the way you speak to the reader. Are you converting the user with a relevant call to action, or are you merely talking ‘at’ the reader? There is a big difference and finding the correct balance between the two, is crucial.

It has Many Benefits over other Marketing Tools

It cannot be denied, social media marketing is a highly effective marketing tool. However, if a business is looking to reach their target market effectively, social media and email marketing should be complementary. Providing customers with the option of sharing email content via social media and vice versa, gives way for an opportunity to gain greater reach and show people that haven’t yet subscribed, exactly what your brand is made of!