5 Reasons your Email Marketing Campaign is Not Effective

5 reasons your email marketing campaign is not effective

“Investing in a personalized email marketing campaign has 6 times higher transaction rate..”

These days, marketers are faced with more challenges than ever in an attempt to connect with their customers and potential customers alike. Customers have become accustomed to dozens of emails filling up their inbox daily and if your Online Marketing Email Campaign is not appealing after a mere glance – you’re all out of luck!

To create an effective email marketing campaign, you must have an effective marketing strategy in place that goes beyond simply sending out a mass email.

So, if you are now asking yourself what exactly you have been doing wrong all along – don’t worry, we can help you! At K2 Analytics, we create effective email marketing campaigns daily that are fine-tuned to reach your target audience.

Below are 5 Reasons your current Email Marketing Campaign is not efficient and what you can do to change it:

Your Email Subject Line is Not Appealing

Subject Lines are the first thing a customer will see when they open their inbox, so it should draw attention and encourage the reader to click-in. Research conducted by Yesware shows subject lines, some of which are more useful than others and various frequently used keywords that aren’t very effective at all. If you are working on your email marketing campaign, our advice would be to examine the traits of your target audience in detail and determine the optimal times and key phrases they are likely to respond to – and create excellent content to make it worth their while!


You are not Observing Results

If you are not monitoring the results you obtain from one online marketing email campaign to the next; then there is no way that you can better your strategy to optimize results further for the next campaign. You need to consider the following – what have you learned from this email marketing campaign? Is there a particular time of day your emails get a better response? What subject lines have a higher success rate?

You Are Not Personalizing

With all of the online marketing resources available to us these days, there is no excuse. By using segmentation and retargeting solutions, you can gather more information about your customers and your target audience, which will enable you to create a personalized email marketing campaign, which research shows have 6 times the higher transaction rate.

You’re Not Including Effective Calls-to-Action (CTA)

While your email should contain multiple avenues that direct customers to your connection with your company, you should include a primary CTA centered around the main purpose of the email, for example – purchasing a particular product/service, or more information on offers/promotions.

Your Email isn’t Appealing

Think of it like this – if you were to receive the email you’re about to send, how would you perceive it? First of all, the content you have included in the email must offer direct value to the reader, with a clear indication of what the email is all about. Secondly, Design. The high-quality design will work in your favor; we can assure you of that. Remember, this is your chance to communicate with your customers personally, make the most of it!