2017’s Dominating Social Media Trends

K2 Analytics - 2017 Social Media Trends

“Surely, a traditional advertisement is no longer as effective as it once was which is why businesses readily shift to change.”

Every year, online marketing firms use analytics to create predictions on what trends might dominate social media. Every so often, we get skepticisms that impugn the thriving stage of online marketing as some conclude that it’s just a fad. Surely, a traditional advertisement is no longer as effective as it once was which is why businesses readily shift to change.

Now, it’s clear that social media is here to stay. And it’s guaranteed to stay for years. Social media’s power to adapt and evolve makes each platform a powerful tool for business and entrepreneurs when used correctly. So what are these trends that marketers are looking at for the year 2017 and possibly 2018? The following are some elements that you may want to think about.

The Evolution of Snap

Snap, once called Snapchat has undergone changes that are on its way to the future. It focuses on live content which brings people in an abundant amount of engagements keeping them up-to-date with their network. It’s a mobile-centric app that has now put vertical-oriented videos into the mainstream media.  Still, there are many straightforward features that Snap highlights like direct messaging which makes communication into another level of the visual platform.

Sharing Experiences

People want a sense of experience when you’re sharing it. This means photos that induce sentiment will no longer suffice. When you want to be on top of the social media trends, you have to let users experience the event. To successfully do this, 360 images and videos allow people to live the moment behind the screen.

Goodbye Twitter

Twitter has been in hot waters lately, and there are no signs of reformation. In the past years, marketers have predicted the fall of Twitter with 2016 as its starting point. While Twitter was structured on the idea of quick and small updates, users are more interested in the large content. Staying true to its name, Twitter refuses to say goodbye to their limited character. In turn, this could be a sure sign of decline in its popularity and usage.

Customer Communication

Social media used to be a platform for friends and family to communicate. Now, it’s more than just that. Brands are catching on the trend by talking and advertising to their consumers. With significant engagement on social media, brands are delving into uncharted areas. Still, it is predicted that offering customer service via sites like Facebook will emerge.