16 Things Only Entrepreneurs Will Understand

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Entrepreneurs take initiative in creating businesses that are freeing but can also be very stressful. Not everyone has the characteristic to do it. You’re guaranteed to experience highs and lows that are sure to test your limits. It’s a difficult path filled with intense competition, not for the faint of heart. The following are just some things that an entrepreneur can relate to.

1. Work is always on your mind – including holidays.

There’s a passion-driven within you, and that drive continues to fuel your pursuit of success. Every waking moment, whether you’re holding a conversation or not, there’s an idea waiting to be implemented.

2. You carry yourself flawlessly in front of difficult customers, but you vent afterward.

Whether it’s family or friends, they will hear about it. Luckily, they’re there to listen.

3. You understand that your loved ones will be affected by it.

You’re playing in the field of unpredictable, and business ventures can blindside you. With that amount of stress, your loved ones will experience the same highs and lows.

4. You’re not about that 9-5 schedule.

When everyone is clocked out, you’re still working. What exactly is a break?

5. You’re not afraid of failure.

Every failure is one step closer to success, and you’re not afraid to do it again if that’s what it takes.

6. You’ve accepted the reality that you have to be a leader.

Whether you’re a one-man team or you’ve employed a collection of staff, you have to assume leadership.

7. You have a notepad dedicated to ideas.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a napkin or your iPad, you’re going to write down your ideas! There’s no way you’ll allow yourself to forget them.

8. You’ll meet people who don’t understand you.

Entrepreneurs are rare gems; their determination and drive aren’t always understood by others.

10. You’ll come up with the silliest ways to motivate your employees.

You understand when people are happy in the workforce, they tend to work harder. So you consistently think of ways to make them feel valued.

9. Even when you’re sick, you power through.

There’s no such thing as being sick enough to excuse yourself from not working. There’s absolutely no such thing. Time wasted is money going out the door. Therefore, you don’t have time to be sick.

11. There’s never an easy way to fire someone.

Of all people, you understand the need to have a consistent flow of income. Because of this, there’s never an easy way to let someone go even when you feel like they deserve the consequence.

12. You understand the anticipation of a pre-launch.

It’s really a combination of terror and excitement. There are a million questions you need to answer like designing, budgeting, marketing, and pricing. But when all that is said and done, you’re the happiest person on the planet.

13. You wear different hats in the business.

No matter what your official job description is, you’re always going to be a part of the operations, finance, sales, social media manager, and the whole marketing department. You are everyone’s job title rolled into one entity!

14. Everywhere you go, you’re promoting your business.

When you meet new people, you promote yourself. You never know when that person can become a potential business contact.

15. Coffee is your best friend.

Sleep is not in your vocabulary, and when you take a few days off, you’re itching to get back on the wagon. Because of that, coffee has become your closest companion.

16. You’re driven by determination.

Entrepreneurs share the same determination to succeed. When times get rough, you’re not afraid to back down.